IOHPA as an organization of Oromo health professionals seeks to serve the public, academia, partner organizations, as well as its members.

Our Programs and Projects

Facilitating Fellowship

Facilitating fellowship among physicians and health professionals working in specialized hospitals and teaching hospitals of Oromia

Facilitating Cooperation

Facilitating cooperation between IOHPA and Oromia Health Bureau on programs such as expansion of telemedicine, teleradiology and ETC

Creating Networking Venues

Creating networking venues where Oromo health professionals can share experiences and learn from each other

Conducting Conferences

Conducting annual and mid-year conferences as necessary alone or in collaboration with professional associations and organizations with similar objectives and missions

Facilitating and Participating

Facilitating and participating in community outreach health fair activities

IOHPA Mentoring Program

IOHPA Mentoring program is set out to connect healthcare professionals. It focuses on bringing together men and women aspiring to pursue and/or advance their healthcare carrier and more experienced professionals. Our seasoned practitioners in various fields are so excited to share their wealth of knowledge with their younger brothers and sisters to get them to their professional goals. If you are interested in our mentoring program as a mentor or mentee, please contact our coordinators.

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