About Us

How IOHPA started

In November 2016 a group of Oromo health professionals of various background met and discussed health problems of our community in Oromia and globally. Some Oromo health professionals have been providing first Aid at OSFNA soccer tournament for the last 3 years. Although the initiative of working with OSFNA is relatively small feat, this gesture has undoubtedly inspired young students and uplifted our community. In fact, it has propelled us to think about creating a formal organization and deliver more services using our talents and existing resources.This opportunity revealed we have vibrant and committed individuals in healthcare fields that support to formally organize at global scale with hopes of networking and giving back to our community. With dedication and hard work, an organizing committee of volunteers put together the first of many IOHPA conferences which took play in Chicago in May 2017.


 IOHPA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to address the health care needs of Oromo people and others in Oromia, diaspora and beyond, through need assessment, identification of areas of healthcare improvement and thereby contribute towards the promotion of quality healthcare including preventative care, transfer of knowledge, skills and appropriate technology.



IOHPA’s vision is to expand the base of our Oromo health professionals network and accelerate its efforts in alleviating the healthcare disparities that exist between Oromia and western nations. 

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