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Mission: IOHPA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to address the health care needs of Oromo people and others in Oromia, diaspora and beyond, through need assessment, identification of areas of health care improvement and thereby contribute towards the promotion of quality healthcare including preventative care, transfer of knowledge, skills and appropriate technology.

Vision: IOHPA’s vision is to expand the base of our Oromo health professionals network and accelerate its efforts in alleviating the healthcare disparities that exist between Oromia and western nations.


August 2013: Informal discussions started among a group of Oromo health professionals in North America. After coordinating via email, the group held its first formal conference call on 8/22/2013. Cursory health assessments were made and the working group began to network and accelerate our efforts in alleviating the health care disparities in Oromia.

Summer 2014: A small group of Oromo health professionals and volunteers began providing first aid at the annual OSFNA soccer tournament. This endeavor broadened our network and inspired future healthcare students through community service.

November 2016: At the Oromo Leadership Convention in Atlanta, a sizeable number of Oromo health professionals met at a sideline meeting to discuss formally organizing on a global scale with the hopes of networking and giving back to our community. Various subcommittees were formed tasked with crafting bylaw and preparing the first convention.

May 2017: A successful inaugural conference was held in Chicago for two days.  International Oromo Health Professional Association (IOHPA) was established as a non-profit, impartial, non-political organization whose mission is exclusively humanitarian and to address healthcare needs of Oromo people and others in Oromia and beyond. The bylaws were discussed and Board of Directors and Executive committee were formed.

September 2017: IOHPA partnered with Global Medical Libraries (GML) and USEmbassy in Ethiopia to deliver books to Arsi University Medical School.

November 2017: IOHPA is incorporated in the state of Minnesota.

December 2017: Partnered with HIRPHA International and East African Medical Relief Foundation to deliver medical supplies and services to internally displaced Oromo people Dire Dawa and Hammerresa camp in Eastern Oromia.

February 2018: IOHPA registered as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue code.

March 2018: In collaboration with University of Minnesota Global Health Institute, IOHPA facilitated for a professor from University of Haramaya in Oromia, Ethiopia to participate in a symposium on Trauma, Addiction and Mental Health with focus on East Africa organized in Kampala Uganda.


IOHPA is led by nine Board of Director members and seven Executive Committee members composed of individuals who are qualified to advance the association’s objectives, were elected by and are accountable to the General Assembly.

IOHPA Board of Directors

IOHPA Board of Directors 2017-2019

Setayehu Bedane MD, MPH
Board Chairman

Countrywide Service Manager, Dekalb County Board of Health

Yeshi Tolessa
Board secretary


Melik Tiba, MD

Washington, D.C

Najaha Musse
Medical Student


Saifudin Hussein, MD
FACC Premier

Cardiovascular Care LLC

7525 Greenway Center Dr #214
Greenbelt MD , USA 20770

Obse Lubo, RN, BSN
Stanford University Medical Center

Palo Alto, CA

Mitiku W. Dossa, REHS, MPH
Montgomery County Health and Human Services,

Rockville, MD. Washington, D.C

Tolawak K Beyene, MD

Hospital Medicine Practice Maryland, USA
Email: tolawakbeyene@gmail.com

Daga Said, Pharm.D, M.S.
Clinical Assistant Professor

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist
Siouxland Community Health Center
1021 Nebraska Street
Sioux City, IA 51105
PH: 206-330-8651
Email: dagasaid@gmail.com